Learning to cook

Day (4)

Tried to make my own Paleo hot sauce today for some Paleo buffalo chicken strips. Bought some apple cider vinegar and was planning to use some spices I already got. Then I realized it would be better with fresh peppers, so will try that this weekend. So the chicken came out bland, but would have been sweet with the sauce.

Used naturally raised chicken, cut into strips, basted in organic mustard (no salt added) and honey mixed and tried to used crushed almonds for breading. No blender so I used the back of an ice cream scooper to crush them in a ziploc. So difficult. Didn’t work out too well. Note to self: buy a food processor.

...like a kid in a candy storeIn other news, my food dehydrator arrived yesterday! So pumped. Wasn’t expecting it until late next week, but I just signed up for the free trial of Amazon Prime so I guess they bumped up that shipment, too. Just haven’t had time to open it yet. Can’t wait. Will post with how my first beef jerky comes out 🙂


2 responses to “Learning to cook

  1. Homemade beef jerky is miles better than what they sell at the store. We just got a meat slicer in from Amazon, so we’ll be making jerky, too, this weekend.

    Good luck with yours!

    (If your sauce turns out really good, you might consider using it as a marinade for a batch of jerky, too. Mmm spicy jerky.)

    • My first run at the jerky didn’t turn out too great. Think I over-marinated it and also over-dried it. I also bought them pre-cut from the store, and they were a little thin. Next time, I’ll cut it into better strips on my own. I think about 5 or 6 hours is sufficient drying time, depending on your dehydrator.

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