Toughin’ it out

Being a caveman in this modern world is getting really difficult. So many temptations everywhere you go. I never realized how much food is advertised. It’s all I notice now.

I’m at the halfway point. They say – by they, I mean the all-encompassing they – that it takes two weeks for your body to adjust to the diet and get used to getting its fuel from different sources. Once that happens you feel good. Real good. Can’t wait. Right now I’m not feeling so hot.

Made some beef jerky. Over-dried it because I left it overnight. Next time, I need to keep a closer eye on it.

Cheats for last week…I used all three of my open meals…

  • Two slices of pizza, one with sausage, one with pepperoni (this should probably count as all three open meals)
  • Sushi
  • And sushi. Fish is really good on the Paleo Diet, it’s the rice and soy sauce that’s not.

Trying to finish the week strong to see how I feel after the supposed two-week adjustment period. If I don’t feel super, I might just end this experiment. And go grab some chicken and rice on 53rd and 6th.

Article on other cavemen out there:


One response to “Toughin’ it out

  1. but rice is gluten-free! So it’s not a terrible option 🙂 Some places have gluten-free soy sauce, better to go GF where you can than not at all!

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