So really quick because I’m falling asleep…

After almost 2 weeks of being gung-ho and hardcore about this Paleo Diet, I thought I was going to call it quits. Last Wednesday night, I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of planning, cooking, shopping and cleaning this was taking. And I was leaving the next day for a weekend snowboarding trip in Tremblant and knew I would be eating like crap. So I decided I was sick of it and would quit. I even thought of a title for the blog post I was going to write… “Chalk it up to a failed experiment,” where failed meant miserably time-consuming and inconvenient and experiment meant test of shear willpower.

Then, after the weekend of crap-eating, I felt gross to the core and realized how much better I had been feeling while I was going Paleo. Now I feel like I have to do it. But I can’t be as extreme and cook every meal that I eat. From here on out, it’ll be a 60-40 thing, maybe even 70-30. I’ll eat breakfasts and dinners at home (except when eating out occasionally) and leave lunches open, for convenience’s sake, and just try to eat as close to Paleo as possible on those.

I just placed an order with a natural meats farm in Hudson, NY called Van Wie Natural Foods and might start this as a regular thing. There’s another place called Meadow Raised Meats that I want to try, too. I’ll compare and update here. Either way, this should help me keep going.


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