Great new find

As I’m reviving this Paleo thing, and eating grilled chicken (marinated in fresh orange and lime juice, rubbed with ground mustard, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper), avocado slices, and cherry tomatoes, my sister just told me about this new restaurant that serves everything meatballs. It’s called the Meatball Shop and is open until 4am! So tempting. And actually, I just checked out the farm they get their meat from. Pasture-raised and grass-fed angus beef! They are fed a little corn, but only just before they are butchered. I can deal with that. Hooray for Paleo-acceptable meatballs!


2 responses to “Great new find

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  2. anfreda matilda sussmoore

    Meatball shops rocks. Only the Chicken Balls are Paleo. The others have breadcrumbs. Great Paleo find.

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