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Who wants to live forever?

So, I think this is going to be my last post here. Haven’t been really consistent with it, and with all the time I spend cooking now, it’s becoming more of a burden than a help. I’ve achieved a nice 60/40 balance so I don’t need this to keep me accountable anymore. I’m eating the majority of my meals Paleo and allowing up to 7 per week non-Paleo (without going overboard). So more like 70/30 but who’s doing the math.

Anyway, I wanted to share one last article about the diet. It made The Daily Beast‘s “10 Ways to Live Forever,” coming in at #9. Other things I like on there: Yoga and Resveratrol (red wine). I disagree completely with the vegetarian diet and reliance on vitamins and supplements.

So that’s it for this blog, I guess. See you out there.




Great new find

As I’m reviving this Paleo thing, and eating grilled chicken (marinated in fresh orange and lime juice, rubbed with ground mustard, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper), avocado slices, and cherry tomatoes, my sister just told me about this new restaurant that serves everything meatballs. It’s called the Meatball Shop and is open until 4am! So tempting. And actually, I just checked out the farm they get their meat from. Pasture-raised and grass-fed angus beef! They are fed a little corn, but only just before they are butchered. I can deal with that. Hooray for Paleo-acceptable meatballs!

Help a budding startup!

This is unrelated to the Paleo diet, but I’m currently in the semi-finals for a social venture competition for $100,000. Please take this survey to help give some valuable information for my team’s business plan:


More on the Paleo diet to come as soon as my meat order from Van Wie Natural Foods arrives.


So really quick because I’m falling asleep…

After almost 2 weeks of being gung-ho and hardcore about this Paleo Diet, I thought I was going to call it quits. Last Wednesday night, I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of planning, cooking, shopping and cleaning this was taking. And I was leaving the next day for a weekend snowboarding trip in Tremblant and knew I would be eating like crap. So I decided I was sick of it and would quit. I even thought of a title for the blog post I was going to write… “Chalk it up to a failed experiment,” where failed meant miserably time-consuming and inconvenient and experiment meant test of shear willpower.

Then, after the weekend of crap-eating, I felt gross to the core and realized how much better I had been feeling while I was going Paleo. Now I feel like I have to do it. But I can’t be as extreme and cook every meal that I eat. From here on out, it’ll be a 60-40 thing, maybe even 70-30. I’ll eat breakfasts and dinners at home (except when eating out occasionally) and leave lunches open, for convenience’s sake, and just try to eat as close to Paleo as possible on those.

I just placed an order with a natural meats farm in Hudson, NY called Van Wie Natural Foods and might start this as a regular thing. There’s another place called Meadow Raised Meats that I want to try, too. I’ll compare and update here. Either way, this should help me keep going.

Caveman Feast

Best. Paleo dinner. Ever.

And just in time. I was getting weak and seriously questioning this decision. But tonight, I made slow cooked veal with homemade salsa, zucchini soup, and homemade applesauce. The applesauce was better than any I’ve ever had, the veal was so tender, and the soup had a nice kick to it (made with dried parsley that I dried on my own!). Steph, David, and Nicole can all attest to the delicious-ity of this meal.

Only if I can keep up this cooking. Hopefully, the slow-cooker will make for some more easy and tasty meals that will keep me on track.

Also, second go on the beef jerky. This time I used flank steak and cut it into nice sized strips. Fingers crossed. Banana and apple chips are next.

Toughin’ it out

Being a caveman in this modern world is getting really difficult. So many temptations everywhere you go. I never realized how much food is advertised. It’s all I notice now.

I’m at the halfway point. They say – by they, I mean the all-encompassing they – that it takes two weeks for your body to adjust to the diet and get used to getting its fuel from different sources. Once that happens you feel good. Real good. Can’t wait. Right now I’m not feeling so hot.

Made some beef jerky. Over-dried it because I left it overnight. Next time, I need to keep a closer eye on it.

Cheats for last week…I used all three of my open meals…

  • Two slices of pizza, one with sausage, one with pepperoni (this should probably count as all three open meals)
  • Sushi
  • And sushi. Fish is really good on the Paleo Diet, it’s the rice and soy sauce that’s not.

Trying to finish the week strong to see how I feel after the supposed two-week adjustment period. If I don’t feel super, I might just end this experiment. And go grab some chicken and rice on 53rd and 6th.

Article on other cavemen out there:

Learning to cook

Day (4)

Tried to make my own Paleo hot sauce today for some Paleo buffalo chicken strips. Bought some apple cider vinegar and was planning to use some spices I already got. Then I realized it would be better with fresh peppers, so will try that this weekend. So the chicken came out bland, but would have been sweet with the sauce.

Used naturally raised chicken, cut into strips, basted in organic mustard (no salt added) and honey mixed and tried to used crushed almonds for breading. No blender so I used the back of an ice cream scooper to crush them in a ziploc. So difficult. Didn’t work out too well. Note to self: buy a food processor. a kid in a candy storeIn other news, my food dehydrator arrived yesterday! So pumped. Wasn’t expecting it until late next week, but I just signed up for the free trial of Amazon Prime so I guess they bumped up that shipment, too. Just haven’t had time to open it yet. Can’t wait. Will post with how my first beef jerky comes out 🙂